Facts about the Sailing Vessel, Tory



First registered at London 389/1842. Particulars of this registration are not available. The vessel was subsequently registered in June, 1845, when she was shown as having been built at Hilton, Co. Durham. The name of the builder is not stated. Described as having two decks and a poop, three masts, square stern, carvel build, sham quarter galleries, square rig, female figure head and standing bowsprit. 

Length - 105 feet. Breadth - 25.7 feet. Depth - 19 feet. Tonnage (1845) - 483

Owner: James Row of Cornhill, London - 64 shares. Master Mariner

Master in 1850 - James Row. 

Presumably Row remained the Master in 1851 as none subsequent to him is ever recorded. Registry of this vessel at London was closed on 10th December 1856 upon her transfer to Sydney. I assume Sydney is Australia.