Engelson, Rodger Montgomery

Engelson, Harold Charles
Engelson, Harold James
Cartwright, Mary Ann
Engelson, Harold Montgomery
Dahlgren, Lars Enoch
Dahlgren, Anna Matilda
Johannson, Ida Matilda
Engelson, Rodger Montgomery
Boretta, John Stanley
Boretta, Joseph Alvin
Bujak, Nellie
Boretta, Coral Faye
Houghton, John Edgar
Houghton, June Coral Bernice
Ross, Marguerite Caroline Smith


Father: Engelson, Harold Montgomery
Mother: Boretta, Coral Faye


   Date: 18 MAR 1963
   Place: Kitimat BC


Relation to Hayward, Trina

Children of Engelson, Rodger Montgomery and Hayward, Trina
   Engelson, Dallas (22 JUN 1996)

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