Engelson, Carl James

Larsen, Ingebreth
Engelson, Lars Christian
Samuelsdatter, Guri Severine
Engelson, Harold Charles
Jacobsen, Hans
Jacobsen, Matilda Jacobine
Nielsen, Karen
Engelson, Carl James
Cartwright, John
Cartwright, William
, Mary A
Cartwright, Mary Ann
Finlay, Christopher
Finlay, Mary
Women, Indian


Father: Engelson, Harold Charles
Mother: Cartwright, Mary Ann


   Date: 5 DEC 1927
   Place: Sedro Wooley


Relation to May, Ula

Children of Engelson, Carl James and May, Ula
   Engelson, Douglas Earl (16 AUG 1953)
   Engelson, John Edwin (26 MAY 1955)
   Engelson, Kathy (12 DEC 1956)
   Engelson, James Vernon (16 MAY 1960)
   Engelson, Cynthia Mary (1 NOV 1967)

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