King, Margaret Rose

King, Robert Winfred
King, Margaret Rose
Engelson, Lars Christian
Engelson, Harold Charles
Jacobsen, Matilda Jacobine
Engelson, Hilda Queenie Theresa
Cartwright, William
Cartwright, Mary Ann
Finlay, Mary


Father: King, Robert Winfred
Mother: Engelson, Hilda Queenie Theresa


   Date: 29 AUG 1950
   Place: Seattle


Relation to Staulcup, Anthony Lynn

Children of Staulcup, Anthony Lynn and King, Margaret Rose
   Staulcup, Jessyn Lynn (8 NOV 1973)
   Staulcup, Benjamin James (10 APR 1975)
   Staulcup, Genevieve Jatherine (10 FEB 1980)
   Staulcup, Jeffrey Robert Yoichi (8 MAY 1984)

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