HME APR 21 2007


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November 11, 2006, Today was Remembrance Day, The Cowichan Valley Shrine Club participates in the ceremonies by marching in the parade to the cenotaph in Duncan and laying wreaths with the other service clubs. The weather was good, no rain, not like last year. Last year I was soaked right through, a Shriners' Fez doesn't have a brim and the water runs right down the back of your neck, down your back under your rain coat and into your boots. A couple of WWII fighter planes flew over town at 11AM. After, I took the weekend meals out to a friend of Coral and I, as she gets pretty tired of meals on wheels. Played some WWII songs for her, came back and worked in the yard. Lots of leaf raking.

Dallas and Grandma Hallowe'en


Pic taken in September

Graham & Cordelia Merritt

my daughter and son-in-law

having a baby Sept 2007

Their Web Site

November 21, 2006. Well I am finally doing it... I am updating the family tree portion of the web site, I have got a new software program called, "MacFamilyTree" which will allow easier entry on the web and will produce DVD copies as well as text copies. So... for the relatives out there. Please contact me with changes you wish to have made and I will enter those changes as soon as time permits.

Cordelia, Mom, Rodger, Teddy, Monte, Dad, Coral, 1997

April 21, 2006. So much for promises. Cordelia reminded me today that nothing has gone in for awhile so here goes. Gardening. Not much going on yet as temperature is still a bit low. Should get out and rototill the whole thing tomorrow if it doesn't rain, raining now. After some prodding I have started writing a biography of sorts. Have started in the middle and won't get to either end. I have been dragging up old memories. I started by telling stories on myself when I was fourteen. This was when our family moved to Bella Coola. I have 15 pages completed so far. The Shrine Club is readying itself for summer. Selling mum's for Mother's Day now, Have planned some cookouts. Will be selling tickets on some cars. Below is a link to our shrine club

Joesephine & Bert Robson, Bella Coola 1957

Bella Coola 1955

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